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Just a month to go until the centenary celebration event at The Grange, and preparations have been in full swing. With invites out and rsvp’s in, with about 100 people expected to come. The pressure is on to give a bash that honours, The Grange, and the many people that have fond memories of the house and farm. Many generations have childhood memories of growing up or visiting there, playing hide and seek and making dens, while others have memories of the farm, being involved or from working there. Little bits of digging and research has re-reminded me of the draw The Grange has as a family and social hub.

100 Years @ The Grange Invite

The event will be an excellent chance for family and friends to catch up, but running through the core of the event is the nostalgia felt towards The Grange, and a common interest for it.

We know from documentation that The Grange was bought on ‘Lady Day’ which is the 25th of March 1926, a few years after the family moved in as tenants in 1913. This is new to me but there are quarter days in March, June (Midsummer), September (Michaelmas) & December (Christmas). It is likely to assume then that the move to The Grange would have been at Michaelmas, 1913. For farming and all such leases, they would tend to start on a quarter date. This was especially more common for farmers to move in at Michaelmas, being at the end of September the harvest would be in and this was the best time to value a farm with the hay and produce in the barn. These were the days when the house, on a farm, was of no and little value and the focus was on the farm, land & stock. Saying that, whoever built the farm house 450 years ago was pretty extravagant and must have been quite wealthy, with some well thought out attention to details even in the servants quarters.

Bearing all this in mind the styling and prop sourcing for the event has been really fun, and there will lots of lovely rustic details, including; a tip of the hat at tradition by decorating a vintage bike harvest style (a lot of the guests will have memories of this from the Harvest Home). My two little nephews will be in charge of this, keeping the tradition alive! ; A childhood style den may make an appearance, weather being well. Lawn games too..praying for good weather.

There will be lots of archives to display, a memory box will make an appearance too for guests to leave messages or drawings. I’m really looking forward to hearing more stories of The Grange and the people who have been in and out there over the years. I’m sure Aunty Ruth (below) will have a few.

Great Aunt Pam & Ruth in the early days.

Great Aunt Pam & Ruth in the early days.


Oh, and, we are doing all our own catering! So H-Coo Events & family will be pretty busy the week before, which will be a Harvest Supper buffet, with no shortage of meat, cheese & salads.

The event is also a launch for H-Coo Events @ The Grange, double excitement! Plus 2013 marks lady & Gentleman of the house being 60 & 65 so an extra reason to celebrate.

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