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H-Coo styling for a wedding with a Garden Party/Festival theme….


This was a fun theme to work with. The couples interest in festivals and the brides love of bold colour led us to opt for the Garden party/Festival theme. It was also important to use locally sourced flowers at the brides request. With home grown sweet-peas to work with, this also directed the colour scheme for the whole wedding.

web image sweet pea

web image sweet pea 2

Paper streamers and paper hearts made from recycled paper adorned the tent continuing the ‘use what you have’ principle, along the bake bean tin vases.

web image paper1

Making the Local Beer Look Pretty


web image paper2

With three lines of tables running down the length of the tent this gave the interior a garden fate feel. Some of the guests camped over-night near the tent adding to the festival ambience.

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