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100 Years At The Grange….

The Grange hits a milestone this year, 2013 marks the Redding families one hundred years at The Grange, Hewish. I’m excited to start plans for a celebration event. There will be an agricultural theme to the proceedings, as up until relatively recently the place has been a farm. I wonder if the wurzels would agree to play at a discounted rate..maybe not.

The Grange Front shot

Its only in the last 6-8 years that the stink ditch has gone, no more pongs! the cattle and chickens sold, and the very rustic looking stone barns have had a make over. They are now eco offices, very smart too. As you can imagine there where lots of adventures to be had growing up on a farm, and it was sad to see everything change so much. Built 450 years ago or so the house and farm have seen many changes in their time. All in all the more recent deversifcations have turned out to be positive, and its a buzz now to see the much loved house and landscaped orchards look so incredibly smart, a real transformation.

Cider House Orchard

I look forward to get going with the plans for the celebration in August. My next stop is the library to try and dig out some old photos.

The ‘100 years’ event, will also be a launch event for H-Coo Events & H-Coo’s collaboration with The Grange. Did I mention it’s a great spot for wedding receptions and events!


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